April 20, 2024

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Tips for an Unforgettable Bachelor or A Bachelorette Trip to the Gulf Coast

Before you start your new journey of life that is full of responsibilities, everyone deserves a trip just being you, with your friends and your loved ones. 

This can be made memorable with the best trip to the Gulf coast with all the shores and the orange beaches. Not to forget the bars and the restaurants with your favourite food and drinks.

To start with, you need to have a perfect itinerary for your trip. This should include all the attractions, coastal drinks, and fun activities to do. 

After this visit, you and your friends should remember this trip for years to come. Here are a few things that you can do.

Vacation Stay

Stay is one of the most important parts of your itinerary. It would help if you had a perfect place to relax and feel at home while enjoying your stay here on the Gulf Coast. 

There are many resorts and hotels here where you need to book your stay and get the rooms as per the availability. Another best option is to find the Gulf coast vacation rentals.

Vacation rental houses are one of the best options for your stay than hotel rooms. The reason is they are huge and spacious for your stay, with a good number of amenities like the kitchen, pool area, and outdoor space. You can utilize the outdoor space as per your convenience and needs and make the most of your stay. 

If you are looking for good Gulf Shores rentalsthen you can visit EmeraldCoastByOwner.Com. This vacation rental listing site has all the privately owned rental houses and properties at affordable rates. They have houses that you can select from the areas of Florida to Alabama that are along the Gulf Coast.

Fishing Charter

So, if you want to try something exciting, then you can book a fishing charter for your crew. You can choose from the half-day, full-day, or overnight excursion.

 Next, look out for some water sports activities that can make your trip a bit adventurous. You can try parasailing, jet skiing, or even fly over the waves on the foil board. 

You can try the Segway tour to explore the Gulf State Park or have an aerial view of the beach with the Lost Bay Helicopters. You can then relax on the sugar white sand of the Gulf Coast beach and have a sun bath under the blue sky. 

But before you get to the beaches, make sure that you are fully aware of the beach flag warning system and the rules & regulations of the public beaches. 

One of the important tips to remember before you get into this fishing charter is to kindly avoid any kind of overindulgence the night before this trip. 

You need to keep yourself hydrated enough so that you don’t fall sick, as you might have to spend your whole day in this water. Pack some amount of protein snacks that will keep you full during the day and will give you extra energy. 

Orange Beach Fishing

The Orange beach is one of the largest artificial fishing reefs in the country. Just like we mentioned above, there are many such fishing charters in the southeast area. All you need is an experienced captain and a crew that can help you fish. 

For good, affordable fishing, you can even reserve a headboat. There are headboats like the Reel Surprise charters in Orange Beach. They have a variety of charters that can give you a personal and private fishing trip. 

On the headboat, you will have 15 to 30 more people who will be fishing with you. But if you need a private one, then only the Orange Beach fishing charter is perfect for you. 


What can be more enjoyable than to have a day on the best Cruise on the Gulf Coast and have fun in between the ocean? For example, Cruisin’ Tikis has the best professional who can drive the vessel safely for you. All you would need to do, is to have fun and relax with drinks and food. 

Water Attractions

For all those wanting to have some adventure in the water, another stop for you would be the beautiful water surrounding the Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge. 

Here, you can get kayaks and paddleboards for rent and have a ride across the shore. Meanwhile, you can even have a glance at the local wildlife like the alligators, dolphins, deer, or bobcats. 

Restaurants and nightlife

At Alabama’s Gulf Coast, there are many different restaurants where you can get fresh Gulf fish and oysters. You can then check out for some electric bars in that area that create live music. There are even converts and happy events held every year that will keep you busy the other half of your day. 

Craft Beer

Craft beer is one of the most famous ones here in the Big Beach brewing company. Not only does it have great beers, but it also has a relaxing and perfect atmosphere. 

You can enjoy watching your favorite game show or even playing a disc golf game. It has an upstairs deck that makes you feel childlike, but this could be the best experience. 

Though there are no food services available here, you can order them from the best Gulf Shore restaurant and get them delivered here.  


This is a great play where you can practice your favourite bunker shots or putts. You a 15 area golf courses here that are all PGA and Golf Digest rated and designed by some of the best golf players like Arnold Palmer, Jerry Pate, and Earl Stone. 

For moving to the Golf course and you don’t have a vehicle for your group of friends then you can have rent a high-quality set like the Calloway and get your friends shipped to the golf course directly. 

Bachelor or Bachelorette parties are one of the best ways to get away from busy lives. This is the chance where you can relax, get recharged and rejuvenate yourself. Thus, this needs to be the best and the most memorable one.