February 28, 2024

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A Distinctive Kite Surfing in Egypt

Egypt is frequently known as land within the pyramids, the desert and land of wind and blue waters. Referred to as brilliant windsurfing place more than 10 years, Egypt has become being rediscovered for the kite surfing. Consistent winds blow within the Northerly direction all around the Red Ocean, looking after your hot temperatures lower from beaches. Coves and bays constitute many of the Red Ocean shoreline and turquoise flat water tends to make the united states . states a mecca for kite surfing beginners additionally to advanced riders.

The very best spots are Ras Sudr across the Sinai Peninsula, Safaga and El Gouna across the west coast. Across the Sinai you’ve beautiful steady winds around 20 knots all summer time time time extended, plus winter it’s less foreseeable. The Club Nathalie Simon in Ras Sudr for instance are available in an enormous beautiful bay with side/mix-shore winds and shallow water for almost any kilometer or maybe more within the coast – an enormous lagoon makes vid kite surfing paradise The wind is actually steady along with the water is flat to choppy, so you ride for almost any kilometer along with the water is as much as waist deep.

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Across the west coast the very best kiting reaches El Gouna and Safaga, you have nice steady winds along with a beautiful architectural set-up, plus Magawish Bay, in which the Club Nathalie Simon Safaga teaches. You are using the boat for roughly forty-a few minutes and acquire to kite surfing paradise – water so apparent you will notice the barrier a few meters underneath then when turquoise like a postcard. Offshore wind (preserving your vehicle safe boat in situation you are in a position to sleep) so during 30 knots you’ve dead flat water and razing within the beach, you can securely jump one meter within the beach. The go back to the club within the mid-day is unquestionably an hour or so approximately downwind adopted using the boat, passing small islands, sandbanks plus a handful of barrier reefs.

Dealing with Egypt is simple inside the United kingdom just as much charter airlines fly daily at huge discounts. Your path time is about 5 hrs flying directly and kite surfing equipment may go of free, but speak to your air travel travel first to prevent any shocks during register.

If you are travelling alone you are better to reserve acquiring a close directly that can inform you over the best spots to kite surf but additionally conserve your funds by booking directly.