February 27, 2024

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Joplin, Missouri – A Perfect Blend of Nature and Urban Living – A Must-See!


If you want a slow-paced and relaxing vacation, then you should choose no other place than Joplin. It is a south-western Missouri city. Plus, there are a plethora of lovely places that you can visit here, like the waterfalls, fields, parks, gardens, and so on. Besides that, it also consists of some good urban style which you are going to love. The urban style includes malls, trendy restaurants, and art centres. Joplin is only one kind of city that perfectly balances urban living and nature perfectly. Some of the best things that you can do in Joplin, MO are as follows:

Visiting the Grand Falls-

It is 163-ft wide and it is a waterfall, which is very beautiful and is located on the shoal creek, near Wildcat Park. There are many reasons why you should go there. As the waterfall, which is a scenic beauty, is a must-visit for people living in Joplin as well as outsiders because it is a state representation or icon. It is one of the largest continuously flowing waterfalls that you can ever find in Missouri. It is just a few miles from the city. Some of the things that you can do here are that you can go there early in the morning if you want to watch the scenes of the cascades unobstructed. Since it is a very popular spot, it can become crowded too as the day passes by.

Visit Cunningham Park-

This park is a memorial park and it is dedicated to the volunteers and victims mainly of the Joplin tornado in 2011. Several reasons are given as to why you should visit this park. It is one of the most well-maintained parks and here you can have great family bonding because it has several amenities like a playground, a walking trail, a swimming pool, picnic spots, and so on. Many people visit this park, and it is one of the top and best things to do in Joplin, MO with the kids. Apart from relaxing, you can also take your kids to see the 4 memorials inside the park, i.e., the butterfly overlook, children’s memorial, volunteer tribute memorial, and victim’s memorial.

Visit the National Audubon Society’s – Wildcat Glades Conservation and Audubon Centre-

The society protects and maintains the nature centre inside the wildcat park. The reasons why you should be visiting this park are that it is for nature lovers and one can enjoy the beautiful scenery in the flowering meadows. Being surrounded by wildlife and plants is something of a great feeling. The track is full of wildflowers and you can even view the river and the forest, including a waterfall too. These are such a blessing. If you want to feel closer to nature then you should visit this area.

Visit the Bonnie and Clyde’s Joplin Garage Apartment Hideout –

It is a historical landmark in which the infamous couple were hiding during a series of robberies in Missouri. Here you can go back to the Barrow gang’s hideout in the 1930s. It may look like a very common place to go from the outside, but the history of the apartment makes it among the unique things to check out in Joplin. You can also learn about the significance of the apartment from the informative signs that are there.