February 26, 2024

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Why Winter is still a fantastic time to go ‘off-road.’

Looking for the best way to explore and experience Australia with a caravan? One of the best ways to see more and do more in this country is to travel via caravan. Even though summer is a popular time for holiday caravan travel in Australia, there are still lots of great things to do in winter.

Australia’s most beautiful off-road driving routes are visited during winter, and with good reason. There are several reasons to book a wintertime caravan getaway, including magnificent seasonal views, adventure sports in cold weather, and world-class events.

Travelling with a caravan in Australia during winter is covered in detail in this guide, outlining the benefits of travelling during winter.

If you’re happy to dress up to keep warm and accept that some roads will be off-limits, then travelling by Caravan can have advantages in cold winter conditions.

While you are on an off-road expedition in a caravan, you have a good chance of getting the best campsite

During the off-season, it is less crowded in national parks and reserves, which benefits campers staying in campgrounds. There are fewer people making noise and competing for toilets and less competition for parking spots.

Usually, one can claim the best spot during quiet winter periods, but during busy summer holidays, you might have to settle for whatever spots nobody else is interested in. This can also be applied to caravan parks, which are rarely deserted in winter. Caravan sites are available right by the beach in several areas, something that is harder to accomplish in summer.

Insects rarely cause problems

Most people complain about the presence of flies and mosquitoes in their caravans and how insufficient fly screens are. During the warmer months, this can be a real problem in most of Australia. But it doesn’t happen as much during the winter months in colder areas.

Even though insects are not totally absent from cold winter places, their numbers are drastically reduced, as well as their activity. Most people who travel in a caravan begin and end the day sitting comfortably in the van with the side door open, enjoying the fresh air and unobstructed views without being bothered by insects.

The caravan doesn’t get unbearably hot

When parked in the sun on anything but the chilliest of days, a caravan can quickly reach unbearable temperatures. The caravans may heat up a little slower, but they can also become like ovens under the sun’s glare, making them too hot to live comfortably during daylight hours. This is rarely a problem in colder parts of the country during winter. The summer sun won’t wake you up at 6 am with its roasting effect on the caravan. The caravan parked in the sun might be comfortable to use during winter, rather than something you should avoid until the sun goes down or until there is shade and some airflow

No matter if you’re a first-time camper or an experienced adventurer, Lyfe RV can assist you with finding the right caravan for your needs. Let our experienced team provide expert guidance on all your caravan needs to keep you safe and cozy on the roads this winter. Our caravans can be customized in any way you prefer so that you have everything you need for a comfortable trip. For more information, please contact us at 03 8899 7678, or [email protected].