April 20, 2024

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Maassilo – Everything You Must Know

Hosting an event is often an important part of the business, and since Rotterdam is one of the biggest ports in Europe, it’s fair for people to look for places where events can be hosted. Truth be told, it can be challenging to find a reliable place where the entertainment, technology, and catering are up to the mark. So, if you are in Rotterdam and need a reliable place to host an event, Maassilo is a great place for you. With this article, we are sharing everything you need to know about it!

The Brief

Maassilo Rotterdam is one of the best venues to pull off an event in Rotterdam as you have to open to host conferences as well as parties. There are 326 huge silos in the place, and there are various antique machines to keep up with your preference. Many people don’t know this, but Maassilo was used as a grain silo up until the 1990s, and one can see the history pouring from every corner of the place.

However, when this place was renovated for events, multiple concrete columns were cleared with the help of dynamite, which resulted in the formation of a huge hall. In order to provide support, new steel columns were added, but what we love about this place is that all the authentic details have been protected. For instance, the pipes and solid silo funnels are still there, while a new sound and light plan has been installed as well.

There are concrete floors, which look pretty unique. There are nine halls in this building while offering space of over 7000 m2.

Corporate Events

There are three rooms in the Now&Wow Club, four rooms on the ground floor, and four amazing rooms for smaller parties, such as creative meetings. All these rooms and spaces can be used individually as well as collectively, depending on the number of guests for your venue. The corporate events can be hosted by over 5000 people, which means you can host events of any type.

The rooms are designed with audiovisual technology for giving presentations while moving light, stage, heating, and ventilation are up to the mark. In fact, there is technical staff available to provide technology-related help to the client. Also, there are bar units and catering options, so you don’t have to worry about the food. Some of the options include;

  • Platform 1 – it’s a 1100m2 space with a capacity of 1800 people
  • Platform 2 – it’s a 650m2 space with the capacity of 900 guests
  • Platform 3 – it’s a 635m2 space with the capacity of 900 guests
  • The basement – it’s a 990m2 space and has the capacity to host 1250 guests


It is safe to say that the Maassilo is a versatile place and has an array of halls to meet the needs of entertaining parties, festivals, and concerts. There are three huge halls and a basement space available for these events. In fact, regular concerts are held on platform one and three, so you can even go to attend a concert.

Secondly, the Now&Wow Club is a perfect option for people who want to go clubbing as it’s vibrant, bright, and loaded with disco balls. In addition, there are two rooms that offer the most stunning view of the city’s skyline.

The Bottom Line

Ranging from corporate events to meetings and parties, the Maassilo is a perfect choice for everyone, and since it’s an extension of the Erasmus Bridge, it is easily accessible and is close to shops, hotels, and restaurants. In addition, the water taxi, metro, bus, and tram stations are quite near, so it won’t be difficult for your guests either. On top of everything, professional audio, video, and light equipment are available, which means hosting the event here is a no-brainer, and you don’t even have to worry about the food!