April 20, 2024

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How to Save Money on a Camper Jeep Rental

Zazu Campers Jeep Rentals

Renting a camper Jeep might be one of the least expensive methods to take a trip. You can save up to $1,600 compared to renting an RV, which is a lot less expensive than hiring a car and staying in a hotel every night. For those of you who are really ballin’ on a budget, we have put together a list of our best tips and methods for saving money when renting a camper Jeep.

Schedule your campervan rental during the shoulder season.

Camper van rentals are priced similarly to other travel necessities like flights and hotel rooms. It’s clear from this data that costs skyrocket in the summer compared to the rest of the year. Because to the high volume of visitors, tent sites may be scarce during this season. If you’re willing to be flexible with the weather, the greatest times of year to take a road trip and save money are the fall, winter, and spring. Our electric package has a space heater and an extension wire for your convenience. While it’s not strictly required for the camper Jeep to have this function, if you’re planning on using a space heater at night and the forecast calls for cool weather, you may want to choose a campsite with access to electricity.

Get together in a large group.

Camper van trips are more enjoyable when taken with a group of pals. It has enough room for 5 people to sit comfortably and 4 to 5 people to sleep on the roof. Fuel, food, and campsite costs may be shared among more people if you bring a bigger party camping.

Look for the best deals on airline tickets, then buy those.

We strongly recommend that you reserve your campervan before you arrange any flights, campsites, or other accommodations, since our inventory is limited. However, once you’ve reserved your camper Jeep, there are several steps you may take to save costs on airfare to the depot (or depots) where you’ll pick up your Zazu Campers Jeep Rentals.

You should pack your own camping gear.

If you have room in your luggage or if you are renting locally, you may save money by carrying all of your own camping gear instead of using ours. If you engage in any of these activities, you may cut costs. Every Escape camper Jeep, for example, has a couch that folds out into a queen-sized bed, a “dining room” with a table and benches, a kitchen with a sink, refrigerator, and stove, and a solar-powered light that is mounted above the kitchen in the back.

We understand that the expense of buying your own camping gear might rapidly become out of reach. This means that you may hire any additional equipment, such as a bedding kit or bike rack, from us and have it waiting for you in your camper Jeep when you arrive. (This might also save your life if you’re travelling into a different depot and don’t have enough in your luggage for a bunch of extra items.) All of the various extras that our clients may take advantage of are listed here.